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  • Bouquet Water

    Floral Hydration Mist - Use this daily to hydrate locs to avoid dryness and matting , seal this with the pairing oil

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    This All Natural Hydration Mist captures the very essence of flourishing gardens, infusing your hair with delicate notes of Neroli and Tuberose . Lavender Hydrosol and Rose Water, delicately formulated to quench every strand's thirst, It wraps your locs in moisture, restoring their natural vibrancy and feel. With these curated blend of natural botanical ingredients, this mist is a hydrating paradise for your hair leaving a trail of delicate, irresistible fragrance on the go.

    Size: 4ml

    Instructions: Spray mist all over hair as well as your scalp.

  • Perfumed Hair & Body Oil - "First Sight"

    Hair Oil - Use this every other day after the "Bouquet Water" to avoid dryness & breakage, also insures an easy takedown. IT SMELLS AMAZING & IS CHEMICAL FREE


    Indulge in the versatility of "First Sight" Natural Hair and Body Oil.

    This special blend captures the feeling of that first enchanting moment. For your hair, apply a few drops to your palms, then gently massage through damp or dry strands, from roots to ends. Infused with the purest ingredients, Vanilla, Champaca, and Jojoba. Let its nourishing embrace bring out your hair's natural shine and softness

    Size: 4ml

    Instructions: Spray 4-6 inches away from hair &/or body. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.